Recordings available for download

The recordings made by the general public in Fryslân during 2017 and 2018 using the Stimmen app are made available here for use in science and for development of language technology. Zip-files can be found below with the 88 different words in the Stimmen corpus (also found in the speech map under “Doe mee – doch mei”), pronounced in Frisian, Bildts and Lower Saxon, as spoken in Fryslân.

You can refer to the Stimmen application in the following way:

Hilton, N. H., Loerts, H., Visser, W., Jensma, G., Gooskens, C., Wanitsch, D. & Leemann, A. Stimmen: A Citizen Science App for Languages. Released 20-Sep-2017 for iTunes and Google Play.